It’s time to stand
against the man
rise up and unite
stand up to fight
… peacefully… for freedom

Radio: (Dr. Fauci’s voice:)
Come on America, can’t you just lower your expectations?!
Do as I say, not as I do. The rules we make only apply to you.

Let’s go Brandon, let’s go brandon…

Read your history
5,000 year leap
land of the free
resist tyranny
…a beacon of equal justice.. for all

Radio: (Dr. Fauci’s voice:)
Okay tools, it’s the media here, ready to regurgitate our daily talking points?
Are you ready to think and feel how we tell you?

Let’s go Brandon, let’s go brandon…

Millions of useful shills
unaware how their vote kills
Unborn without choice,
Children have no voice
…Selling off our youth… part by part

The marxists are laughing as our fellow citizens hold us in disdain
So many useful idiots willing to put themselves in chains.

Let’s go Brandon, let’s go brandon…

Facebook is meta trash
Social media can kiss my ass
Gas lighting of truth
corruption of youth
…Destruction from within… is every empire’s destiny

Radio: (Dr. Fauci’s voice:)
Don’t think for yourself, we’ll do that for you.
Don’t bother choosing how you want to live, we’ll gladly do that for you too!

Let’s go Brandon, let’s go brandon…

Let’s go Brandon… comply…. repeat, submit, believe…
…Hate your neighbor

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