Atlas Shrugs: Joe Ricketts

A private citizen, Joe Ricketts, became the latest “greedy capitalist” to come along and fire a bunch of employees.  At least that’s the way this story was spun from yesterday’s NPR report I heard on the radio.  (Incidentally, while I just backlinked to our socialist comrades who some how get public funding despite their anti-American and anti-constitution leftist politics, it’s so funny how much National Public Radio omits in their reporting.  Their haphazard, completely skewed reports sound more like naive high schoolers with misguided ideals who oversimplify and generalize to the point their self-declared journalistic “credentials” should be revoked.  They are the most immature journalists and it is often entertaining and infuriating at the same time to listen at how serious they take themselves…)

Anyway, in the NPR report, they claim the shutdown of the sites and the company came “without warning” but it looked like Mr. Ricketts warned the employees of his company enough in the past, check out this blog post by him just two months ago.  They simply do not acknowledge his right as the business founder and owner to do what he wishes.  So typical of the left, isn’t it?

Well, here’s another way to look at it and from my perspective, this is less skewed of a view than NPR’s:

Leave it up to the greedy journalists in New York to scheme and unionize so they can greedily try to increase their pay, such capitalists should respect what Mr. Ricketts did!  You wanted to play hardball and take more control of the company you did not risk and invest in initially?!  Be willing to pay the consequences, be a grown up and get some perspective.

After all, even the sad lady who just lost her job due to no fault of her own that was interviewed on NPR’s report admitted that she and others thought Joe Ricketts was “bluffing” when he repeatedly warned his employees and staff that unionization of his company would not be sustainable and he would shut the company down.  My heart goes out to everybody who lost their job but when you admit you went against the owner’s wishes and were willing to force him to “call his bluff”, be prepared to pay the consequences.  Sounds like you want to play “tough negotiator” but you want to be handled with kid gloves in return.

This is a shining example of an Atlas Shrugged moment.  America needs more!

When certain people feel entitled to get more without having sacrificed or taking the risks others did to start a business like DNAInfo and the Gothamist this is Atlas Shrugged, this is fairness played out in the economy of reality.  This sense of entitlement doesn’t surprise me that journalists in New York were willing to risk everyone’s job in the company to squeeze more from the very company that provided them employment.  We know how NPR, CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS will spin this story, but seriously — who really is the selfish and greedy here?

Americans need to wake up and get some perspective, stop acting like you’re so entitled, earn respect.  Instead of complaining things are unfair and you ruin it for the rest who did not want to unionize, you could have found another way like prove your value and make the company more money or go start your own flippin’ company.  Maybe that’s what the fired journalists will do, now, start their own Gothamist website?  Makes you wonder why they didn’t bother doing that in the first place, maybe they’ll find out unless they’re willing to work for free that it has to make money to stay afloat?

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