Karma has a way: short-sighted business gains in America lose much bigger later with H1-B

A quick search online for “Stephen Miller” comes up with results that are 90% skewering him and 10% favorable.  He must be doing something right, then.

Stephen Miller explains Trump administration’s stance on illegal immigration, and it is refreshing to hear high-level people in DC who are shaping future national policy talk like this.  After watching this video of how, among other things, the H1B visa program is hurting high-skilled Americans, it looks like the White House is onto something so the mostly leftist socialist controlled media is out for blood.

Keep in mind, I can personally vouch that immigration and the importation of web developers and off-shore coding sweat shops have pushed my income level down by at least 40% over the past 5 years.  I know this  because I keep close tabs on my industry and read a lot, research a lot, and have aggregated my own data about it.  It is my current, primary career, after all.

Lefties & elites show compassion to immigrants by driving American citizens’ earning levels down 40% or more

Yeah, thanks for that, politicians and business leaders, but you should be careful how you treat your neighbors.  Suggesting to these reporters in their ivory towers looking down at us simpleton American’s that they give up their jobs to foreign workers out of “compassion” is something these liberals can’t fathom because liberals only see what other people should do on behalf of their beliefs and agendas without having to live by those same rules.  Except Leonardo Di’Caprio, who just gave up flying in his own private jet and is now going first class commercial flights from now on, LOL.  This hypocrisy among so many liberal elites in this country, this mentality that they deserve special rules and exceptions, is part of their DNA.  They’re blind to it, to a fault, it’s one of their many, vulnerable Achilles’ Heals.

“I make the rules, you live by the rules I make, but I don’t have to because I’m in power.”  This double standard is so rampant within our government, one just has to point to the exceptions they made enrolling in the un-Affordable Care Act congress, labor unions, and the senate gave themselves.

Well, to all you who are in power and abuse it like this, karma has a way of getting back at you, you’re just too short-sighted to see it.  I can’t help but laugh that Donald Trump is just the beginning of that karma.

Their self-righteous, entitlement mentality has infected most leftists from the intelligence community down to the local dog catcher.  In the end, it hurts fellow Americans, their neighbors, their friends, but as I’ll point out, Mr. Zuckerberg and Jeff Beszos, it actually hurts you all long term even more.  Yes, your companies are worth billions, but if you won over and helped raise the tide of American skilled labor, you would have raised your companies’ values by the same, but these “opportunity costs” you will never see.  This happens all the time, like the jewelry store congratulating themselves for opening their 50th store in 50 years when, had they done things a different way, they could have opened their 25oth.  The cost of missed opportunities and missed future growth are hard to calculate, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a reality resulting from past decisions.

The irony is delicious, the wafting aroma of humble pie is floating in the air, but they’re likely too arrogant, with their raised noses, to smell it.

They’re in a bubble and in denial, so I say let them continue embracing the H1-B visa and continue pissing off the smartest, most capable tech programmers and system designers here in the states who will be forced to decide to prove their worth by starting their own businesses, businesses Amazon, Google, etc might even be willing to overpay by billions for later.

…and speaking of karma

There’s definitely many unintended consequences to H1-B’s.  You want cheaper high-skilled labor, we’re not so dumb, actually, we’re smarter than you because we know how to create these things and make them work.  So, businesses like Facebook and Amazon LOVE bringing in hundreds and thousands of immigrants who push our pay down.  They think this is good policy, and short-term, yes, it saves them money in salaries, but guaranteed it hurts them much more long-term.

First, it cheapens their own company’s values and accomplishments.  Keep in mind, these companies have built themselves as tech giants through tech innovation so when you cheapen the “tech innovation” it’s like you built a high-priced hotel with much cheaper materials.  The value of the hotel, with those cheaper materials, drops as well.

Also, a much bigger consequence, the one you’d think these “visionary titans of industry” would understand?  Well, innovation is the cornerstone of their businesses, its what keeps them growing.  New ideas, new solutions, but what they are doing is fostering complacency.

Facebook, Google, and Amazon has helped detract the best American talent and encouraged them to start their own businesses who often compete against them later.  Of course, I’m not talking anyone’s going to try to create a competitor to Facebook anytime soon, but they create their own innovation brain drain by advocating H1-B.  Facebook and Amazon has a diversified portfolio of different companies and websites they bought or invested in that are most vulnerable to this kind of karma.

When you suppress the pay of the smartest workers who could be working for you instead of against you, you create competitors who start their own businesses instead of having them as your smartest employees who drive your future innovation and subsequent profits.

Karma has a way: short-sighted business gains in America lose much bigger later with H1-B

It is likely that the tech giants who encourage and love H1-B actually pay much more later in these “karma” instances than they actually save pushing down the pay and value of American IT, programmers and web developers.  By hurting us directly by suppressing our income, it’s like taking money away directly off our dinner tables and our children’s college funds.  That’s not only mean-spirited and greedy, it’s morally wrong and karma has a way of righting many of those wrongs in the end, but when you’re making billions, I guess they couldn’t care less, except for the fact, they could have been making more than that all along.  Perhaps 40% more?!  #40percentMore

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