Consolidated MD selects for their marketing automation services and API platform

When it comes to marketing automation, there are a lot of extra new moving parts that get added to your website to achieve advanced functionality like dynamic content tailored to different users, advanced tracking, exit intent pop-ups, pop-up windows that are smart enough not to be intrusive or obnoxious, and much more.  Marketing automation can get complicated, the wrong settings in a campaign can send a bunch of incorrect emails to the wrong people at the wrong time.

Even experienced Marketing Directors find themselves overwhelmed with the task of setting up a new marketing automation system that is intuitive and optimized.  Most are overwhelmed with the many different marketing automation solutions out there, just picking the proper one for their organization can get complicated, tricky, and expensive, especially if they end up wrong and they commit their organization to the wrong marketing automation tool.

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Adding a marketing automation layer onto an existing website can get a little scary, especially when so many organizations are understaffed and barely have enough resources to keep their website up and running just the way it is.  This is why marketing agencies and full-service medical companies like Consolidated MD choose to leverage existing tools and platforms like Brandager (the name comes from a combination of “brand managers”) that have a proven track record of success, set up and managed by people whose job it is to make sure the marketing APIs, the way other websites “talk” to the marketing automation platform, work smoothly and as securely as possible. currently is only accepting new customers through referrals from other customers, this is a way for them to control their incredibly fast growth and find the time and resources to manage their platform and database expansions in a controlled environment.  By accepting customers through existing customer referrals only, Brandager believes these already close relationships will help foster the best synergy with new customers moving forward.

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