Avoid Kite Physicians - They'll Double Dip & Deny Your Insurance After they say they'll take it

Avoid Memorial Emergency Care Center on Atlantic Blvd in Jacksonville at all costs – Kite Emergency Physicians unscrupulous

How insane is it that a simple trip to the park can cost a family over $1,800 for 45 minutes of being seen by medical professionals who applied skin glue to a boy’s chin?! For your own sake, unless you are facing a life-threatening injury, avoid KITE EMERGENCY PHYSICIANS LLC 11850 ATLANTIC BLVD JACKSONVILLE FL 32225- Emergency Medicine at all costs or you may be paying dearly for it. We are.  First off, they said they’d take our insurance and after months of back-and-forth paperwork and wrangling, they conveniently denied our insurance and simply just charged us for all of it.

Our son was treated with a gash in the chin that occurred at Austin Park, just up the road here in Jacksonville. He wasn’t bleeding much but we knew it was probably going to need stitches or skin glue so we drove to the next emergency care center at the address above, inside the Walmart parking lot.

It was a clean facility, they were professional and served us quickly. In less than an hour we were in and out, we spent more time speaking with some guy on a mobile computer cart making sure he had our insurance card and all other information. Our son wasn’t bleeding but with a deep gash in the chin we wanted to make sure he got looked at and treated.

The way they treated us afterwards, I regret we didn’t tell them we were illegals who didn’t speak English and had no insurance at all. After all, anything seems fair these days when doctors can charge us patients whatever they want without any recourse. Don’t pay a medical bill and see how long before they will send you to collections and tarnish your credit.

Well, this thing called the internet does give us patients some recourse, it will make a difference because this post will start showing up on searches by people on their mobile phones wondering where to take their son after he fell at the park and gashed his chin. And so, here I am, and after this scathing post, I will then jump over to Yelp and share this story on there. I’ve already shared this nightmare with a bunch of friends and colleagues, to make sure they watch out for this company of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Convenient Ignorance

We were told they accepted our insurance but we later found out the doctor whose PE treated us conveniently doesn’t though — I do not recall meeting or speaking to the actual doctor, but that’s beside the point. Apparently it’s an “arrangement”. Here’s their letter below in full explaining how they conveniently could overcharge us by thousands of dollars and of course this wasn’t life threatening and they could have told us. Below, they try to explain that being told they accept our insurance to only find out the facility accepts it but the doctor at the facility doesn’t is a normal state of business for them apparently.

So, patients beware, don’t assume if the facility says they accept your insurance that those inside the facility do as well, yes, if you’re in an emergency but it’s not life threatening, walk away from these people or they will conveniently leave that information out and stick you with a gigantic bill.

Imagine you go into a store and you are told the prices went up 5 fold for everything in your shopping cart because well, the other people don’t pay enough for all the stuff they bought so you have to make up the difference. I guess WE have to subsidize the other patients that come in there because THEY cost them more so we pay more to even things out? I’m reading that they charge us more and keep lower negotiated rates out to compensate for their high operating costs — please dear reader, from the below explanation is that what you’re reading between the lines? I’ve provided my own remarks in red below.

KITE EMERGENCY PHYSICIANS LLC Letter and Excuse for Legal Theft

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

Our office has received the attached email concerning your account inquiry. Kite Emergency Physicians consist of a group of doctors who work out of Memorial Emergency Care Center. These doctors are independent contractors and are not employed by the hospital. (Not disclosed when we were there, no doctor treated my son!) Therefore the Physicians must bill separately from the facility. (Again, not disclosed but a great way for them to avoid insurance negotiated rates and prices.) In an Emergency Room, the personnel must treat every patient whether in-network/out-of-network with insurance or no insurance is involved. The staffs main concern is to treat the patients emergency. (Um, your major concern was obviously processing payment because the guy wheeling into our room with the mobile computer taking down our insurance info spent more time with us than any nurse or PE but you keep telling yourself that.) Being treated by an out-of-network physician in an emergency situation is out of the patients control. The patient is only responsible to choose an in-network facility. (They said they took our insurance.) In the situation that your insurance carrier is out-of-network with the emergency physician group you may submit an appeal with your insurance carrier as you are not able to choose which staff members provide treatment. Our office has submitted a claim to your insurance carrier receiving no response to our claim. (They’re lying since they didn’t send anything else to our insurance company or they would have responded.) Our office has requested via telephone for a copy of your Explanation of Benefits to review. (Sent to them.)

In addition, Our charges are based on the level of service using American Medical Association guidelines. (Applying skin glue to our son’s chin was 10 minutes. Over $3,000 in original charges for everything related to THAT?!) Taken into consideration are the extent of the patient’s history and examination, the physician’s management options, the amount and complexity of the data reviewed, and the risk involved in the physician’s decision making (Not life threatening, we were in and out in 45 minutes!). This includes responsibility for services provided by nursing and ancillary personnel. Please understand that the amount of time the doctor spends in your physical presence is not relative to the amount of the charges. (How convenient for them as we were in and out in 45 minutes, such astronomical charges can never be justified in a sane society.) Fees for emergency services may be higher than those for physician services in an office setting due to the wide variety of acute illnesses that emergency department personnel are trained to treat. (Well, their fees will just have to go higher to recover the costs of being bludgeoned by me online because I will not rest until they pay TEN TIMES in lost business through my campaign to be treated and charged fairly in the future and make sure I spare as many other potential patients what we’re going through financially.) Please reply to this email or contact our office at 1(800) 355-2470 with any further questions or concerns. Thank you for your attention in this matter. (This is my reply to YOU Ms. D. whose name I leave out just out of common decency that you probably wouldn’t extend to us, your CEO and all the employees there — go FLY A KITE! Shame on your entire organization.)

Sincerely (Stop wasting my time I have more ticked off patients to write to),


Patient Services Specialist
Kite Emergency Physicians

God’s 10% rule

In many religions, God doesn’t ask for a lot, a tithing of 10% is reasonable. God asks less than the IRS, that’s for sure. But God’s rule also works the other way, it’s called the God Justice Rule and I’m going to apply that here.

Okay, I did just make that up, but when one is in the right, God is on that person’s side so my goal is to cost this band of overcharging unscrupulous medical providers TEN TIMES in business what they overcharged me. They want to raid my wallet and steal from me through deception? My response is to simply show others their ways and expose their own actions.

The irony here is that they will not be able to measure the business they’ve lost due to my negative reviews on multiple sites and word of mouth, but that’s their problem, suffice to say that I know I’m costing them much more in business than that, actually, but they’re likely too ignorant to care, they have their income flow. It’s just too bad they can’t be decent and honest in trying to earn their income like the rest of us.

Also, dear readers, if you are angry about being mistreated, please feel free to share your comments here on Prolific Futility! As an added bonus, take homage knowing too that we will also pay the minimum monthly to make sure their ADMINISTRATION COSTS will hurt them financially as they have hurt us. Bitter? You bet I’m bitter, I’m also very motivated to seek justice here, I almost feel sorry for them. You too, need to stay active and review positively to award good businesses but also warn others about the bad. If you need a place to share your experiences, please leave them in the comments below.

Please visit my review of them on Yelp!

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