Amazon Alexa forces subscribers who choose Fox News headlines to listen to NPR news afterwards

I like Alexa from Amazon, it has a pretty nice, rich sound as a speaker and it’s neat to ask it things.  Um, her things, I guess.

I know she’s extremely liberal, obviously, Jeff Bezos is a crazy lib, but do they have to shove their liberalism down our throats?  I mean when you say “Hey, Alexa, play headlines!” or, as Alexa calls it “Your news flash” you can select other news providers, I chose Fox News, because I trust it more than NPR and definitely CNN.

So, out of the box, Alexa comes with (surprise) NPR News to play your headlines.  You can install the Alexa app on your phone and install another “skill” and to Amazon’s credit, they do have Fox News on there.  So I installed that and didn’t think anything of it, but I hardly doubt that if you installed BBC or MSNBC as a headline that it will automatically then play the headlines from Fox News, but they do play the NPR news after you listen to your Fox News headlines.

I think this is just the tip of the ice berg, how people, companies, organizations, are going to start using home automation to try to social engineer the population.  I have a suspicion they’re already doing it.  Oh, that tin hat just fits me so well!

Right away it was pretty obvious to me what was going on.  I mean, Amazon likely doesn’t want us conservative/libertarian minded people “miss the light” and not actually listen to the other side of the news.  You know, the right news, in this case the left news.  The Amazon Alexa designers, programmers, et al probably see this as an opportunity to save us poor souls and programmed Alexa to save us from our own ignorance and closed mindedness.  After all, if we prefer Fox News headlines, we must be misogynist, racist, homophobe, xenophobe, (has anyone ever turned all these “phobes” into a song, yet, or preferably a school yard nursery rhyme…) insert-your-phobe-here.

It gets a little annoying, actually, having to tell Alexa to “stop” else you have to hear the NPR news even when you didn’t ask for it.  I would think this auto play of NPR just adds unnecessary traffic to Alexa’s servers, that can’t be good for the environment and I have to use extra energy and emit more carbon dioxide speaking to Alexa and ask her to “stop” the headlines.  Surely, Amazon should be sensitive to such needless carbon emissions and its subsequent climate change impact?!

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